Wilderness Sports

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I have loved the outdoors since Girl Scouts. I learned to downhill ski while living in Los Alamos, NM in the 1970's. Since then, downhill skiing and hiking have been my favorite outdoor pursuits. After moving to Seattle in 1981 I have also enjoyed cross country skiing, canoeing, sea kayaking, backpacking, hiking, and a little easy mountain climbing. When we began on the house and garden however, it really put a dent in the available free time for outdoor sports. Foot problems resulting in two recent surgeries have reduced my outdoor activities even further. Hopefully more free time and my new and improved feet will allow me to join Mike in enjoying the wilderness in this wonderful corner of the country.

Sandy Stoy skiing
Sandy Stoy skiing
Skiing at Taos, NM
Skiing at Sun Valley, ID


Sandy Stoy backpacking
Sandy Stoy canoeing
Backpacking in the Cascades
Canoeing at Bowren Lakes, BC


Sandy Stoy mountain climbing
Sandy Stoy hiking
Climbing Mt. St. Helens
Hiking in Baja, Mexico


All images on this page are © Michael Stoy


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