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I have been sewing since junior high school, when my mother told me home economics class would be a waste of time. (I immediately enrolled in home ec, of course!) When we started building the new house and garden my sewing activities were reduced to mending all the knees in the blue jeans we wore out working in the yard. Once the major yard work was done I returned to sewing as a hobby. I finally retired my old Kenmore sewing machine and bought a new Brother Pacesetter ULT2001 with an embroidery attachment in 2002. Mike likes to collect tee shirts from the places we visit on vacation so I bought a computer embroidery design program (Autodigitizing) and have been embroidering tee shirts for him after our trips.

Sandy Stoy sewing a quilt
Embriodery by Sandy Stoy
Sandy sewing a quilt while Cheeto supervises
Tee shirt embroidery done by Sandy


I have also started quilting. So far I have completed two queen size quilts and several baby quilts. Like most quilters I also have several quilts at various stages of completion. Mike bought me a computer quilt design program (Electric Quilt) which I have been playing with too. I am slowly building my fabric stash and have enough ideas for future quilts to keep me busy for a long time.

Quilt by Sandy Stoy
Quilt by Sandy Stoy
Sandy's first quilt
Sandy with queen size quilt 2003


Quilt by Sandy Stoy
Quilt by Sandy Stoy
Queen size quilt finished 2004 on murhy bed
Baby quilt for grand nephew Braeden


All images on this page are © Michael Stoy


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