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I got involved in pottery when Sandy signed us up for a beginning pottery class at the local community college in 1992. We both loved it! We had a wonderful teacher named Clay Horton who really emphasized mastering the technique of throwing. We bought a wheel for home and continued to throw at both the school and at home and did all our firing at the school for quite a few years. Sandy kept with it for half a dozen years or so then moved on to sewing while I continued to work at the school for about ten years. When we built the house in 1997, we built a small pottery studio as part of the workshop. A couple years ago I installed an electric kiln and built a large spray booth. I have been working entirely from my home studio since 2001.

Mike Stoy throwing pottery
Mike Stoy throwing pottery
Mike Stoy throwing pottery
Mike throwing in the studio
Mike adding detail to a pot
Making platters


Over the years I have tried many different kinds of pottery and many different firing techniques from raku to cone 10 stoneware. While my goal is not to become a full time professional potter, I do sell most of my work at local arts and craft fairs.

Pottery by Mike Stoy
Pottery by Mike Stoy
Pottery by Mike Stoy
Saggar pots from 1993
Mike's pots at local arts & crafts fair
Pots from the 1990's


Currently, I focus primarily on decorative pieces and I throw a wide range of vases, jars, bowls, and platters. Most of my work is stoneware although I do occasionally throw porcelain. I developed and mix all my own glazes and fire to cone 6 in oxidation. My style has been influenced by pottery from Greece, Asia, and the American Southwest. I really enjoy creating large pieces and routinely throw pots from 25 pounds or more of wet clay. Unfortunately my current kiln limits the largest pot I can fire to about 27 inches. Someday I hope to go back to making really big stuff and I have some ideas for several neat large garden sculptures. To see more of my pottery please visit my web site at Michael Stoy Pottery.

Current work in cone 6 oxidation


All images on this page are © Michael Stoy


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