Wilderness Sports

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I have enjoyed the outdoors all my life but I didn't really get heavily involved in wilderness sports until I got to college. Since then I have tried a lot of them: canoeing, rock climbing, mountain climbing, white water kayaking, white water rafting, sea kayaking, hiking, backpacking, down hill skiing, cross country skiing, and ski mountaineering. While in college I was mainly focused on backpacking and rock climbing. I even chose my graduate school (University of New Mexico) largely based on the great rock climbing half an hour drive from campus.

Mike Stoy winter climbing
Mike Stoy rock climbing
Mike Stoy rock climbing
Winter climbing in New Mexico
Rock climbing in Yosemite
Rock climbing in the Cascades

When I graduated I moved to Seattle, since in my estimation it is the best place in the country for wilderness sports. After arriving in 1981 I got much more heavily involved in mountaineering and ski mountaineering. There is nothing quite like a springtime decent in your shorts, down 7,000 vertical feet of perfect corn snow! The fact that you have to hike up the 7,000 feet first while carrying your skis on your back also helps to keep the crowds way down. Since we started building the house and garden in 1996, I have had to cut back on my outdoor pursuits some. Sandy and I are looking forward to more free time in the future and to spending more time enjoying the wilderness sports we love.

Mike Stoy skiing
Mike Stoy white water rafting
Mike Stoy mountain climbing
Skiing at Taos, New Mexico
Guiding a raft on the Wenatchee
On Mt Adams summit


Mike Stoy mountain climbing
Mike Stoy white water kayaking
Pre-dawn start on Mt Shuksan
Kayaking the Skykomish


All images on this page are © Michael Stoy


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