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I have been interested in art since kindergarten. While I was in school I did a lot of drawing in pencil and pen & ink. Once I finished grad school and got a job, I sort of let it slide until a couple of years ago when I decided to pick it up again.

drawing by Mike Stoy
drawing by Mike Stoy
Above the Clouds - pencil 11x14 drawn in college 1980
Cheeto - pencil 11x14

I have always loved good watercolors and thought it would be fun to learn to paint with them myself. After dabbling at it for a couple years now, I can tell it is going to take a while to master the nuances of the medium but it is a lot of fun.

Mike Stoy painting
painting by Mike Stoy
Mike painting 2004
Mt. Rainier Sunset - watercolor 15x22


painting by Mike Stoy
painting by Mike Stoy
painting by Mike Stoy
Schizostylus - watercolor 8x10
Flower Pot - watercolor 8x11
Cana - watercolor 10x14


All images on this page are © Michael Stoy


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