Cheeto & Jazz

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Since we don't have any children our cats are our babies and they are truly spoiled. They are purebred Bengals born on January 1, 2001 (true millennium babies). Cheeto is the male and Princess Jasmine (Jazz for short) is the female. Like all pet owners we could bore you to tears with tales of our precious kitties but we will spare you this time :-) Suffice to say that they have two very different personalities and we love them both very much. Although they are purely indoor cats they love to watch everything that goes on in the garden and let us know when something really exciting is happening.

Stoy cats - Cheeto & Jazz
Sandy Stoy with cats - Cheeto & Jazz
Jazz and Cheeto at 8 weeks old
Sandy with our new babies


Stoy cats - Cheeto & Jazz
Mike & Sandy Stoy with cats - Cheeto & Jazz
Cheeto and Jazz in 2004
Family portrait 2003


Stoy cats - Cheeto & Jazz
Stoy cat - Cheeto
Cheeto and Jazz sleeping together in 2002
Cheeto lounging in the sun


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